the chair's been kicked

i'm steven and i'm 17 and i live in oklahoma

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if you haven’t seen this before then you need to change that right now i don’t care who you are

Unknown Unrequited
Unknown Deafheaven
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I thought about you for the rest of the day. 
Catching my head turning to find you again.
I hated myself for it.

Just my opinion but


What the fuck


ruinin my goth cred as i type this


ruinin my goth cred as i type this

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Kids With Guns // Gorillaz

Unknown Homewrecker
Unknown Converge
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  • Converge - “Homewrecker”
Unknown Dream House
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Dream House : Deafheaven

"Hindered by sober restlessness.
Submitting to the amber crutch.
The theme in my aching prose.
Fantasizing the sight of Manhattan;
That pour of a bitter red being that escapes a thin frame.
The rebirth of mutual love.
The slipping on gloves to lay tenderly.

"I’m dying."
"Is it blissful?"
"It’s like a dream."
"I want to dream.""

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Unknown The Flesh Prevails
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